Friday, June 28, 2013

Requirement Admin for @BaekhyunFans

Please read the requirements below carefully before you fill the form

1. Baekhyun is your favorite exo's member.

2. Can be active and find information by yourself without depending on other fanbase's timeline.

3. Know English well.

4. Always include credit or via when taking information from another sourcAlways include credit or via when taking information from another source.

5. Can make fanbase more attractive.

6. Have a good personality, polite, friendly, and be kind to the other admin(s) / fanbase and followers.

7. Don't change anything without permission.

If you interest , lets fill the form below:



Phone Number:


Your skill:


Description yourself:

Being admin in another fanbase/blog/fanpage? (Yes or No)

Send the form to

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