Saturday, October 20, 2012


~ Yesung wrote on the party card: the 7th year, we are still in love

~ Donghae wrote on party card: We've already passed 7 years, after this lets pass 70 years together 

Donghae also wrote on the party card: Marry me?

~ Kyuhyun wrote on the party card: 7 years of love has ended, now for start of the next 7 years

~ Leeteuk wrote on party card: 7th anniversary.. There will be lots of time in the future too! Wait for it!

~ Eunhyuk wrote on party card: I've liked you for 7 years now

~ Sungmin wrote on party card: 7th anniversary I love you! Will also love in the future as well

~ Kangin wrote on party card: 7 years, it starts now.

~Ryeowook wrote: thank you for the 7 years

~ Shindong wrote on the party card: 7 years, I'm getting old

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