Thursday, March 15, 2012

Key and Taemin give fans with candy for “White Day”

SHINee‘s Taemin and Key join the growing list of stars greeting their fans for White Day.
On March 14th, SMTOWN‘s Facebook shared 4 photos of Taemin and Key and also wrote,
Knock Knock, SHINee’s sweet White Day candy has arrived ♥ With only five days left until the release of ‘Sherlock‘, SHINee’s everyday activities will continue to be brought to you by djMelon”
In each of the photos, both Taemin & Key are seen holding an oversized lollipop. In Korea, the concept of Valentine’s Day is split into two days. On February 14th (the original Valentine’s Day) the females give chocolates to their loved ones. Then on March 14th for White Day, the boys return the favor and give chocolates to their loved ones.
Fans commented, “So cute“, “You guys are a big gift to your fans on this special day“, “Happy White Day“, “For me? I accept“, and more.

Source + Images: SMTOWN Facebook
via: allkpop
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Permennya unyu bangettt... Aku mauuu...

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