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110409 Jonghyun's Surprise Birthday Party 110408 (FAN ACCOUNT)

Spent a day at SM Building, so tired. Saw Jonghyun today and spoke with him. Also spotted Ryeowook & Lee Teuk and finally saw Kangin whom’s on vacation. We chatted and he cried, I told him, I love you Kangin Oppa, SJ Forever! We wait for your return, we are China’s ELF. I’m waiting for you! Maybe he was touched and cried.

Fan Account 2

They were talking about past photos:

Taemin raised the photo of him frowning under the sun that has been photoshopped many times by fans. He said that it was really sunny that day and he didn’t expect fans to use that photo.

Jonghyun then turned to Key and said something about 17 being the “devilish age” (there is a belief that at 17, pretty children become devilish). Key said that Taemin was really strange that day.

For Key, the most unforgettable photo for him was his melon photo.

Jonghyun sang a bit of “Please Don’t Go”

The schedules for Japan and the encore concert have not been settled.

Jonghyun and Minho kept bickering and play-fighting.

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Jonghyun had a big smile and walked for about 10 minutes to wait for his vehicle at the carpark at the back. The Shawol asked Jonghyun where he’s heading and whether his ankle still hurts. Jjong said he’s going to have his meal (I assume late lunch or early dinner) and his ankle doesn’t hurt anymore.

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Fan Account 4

Jonghyun Birthday Party Fanaccounts

- Key was beautiful today. He wore a hair band.
- Dubu didn't speak much at the party because he was a bit sleepy/tired.
- A fan described him as if he just woke up and took a shower right before coming. Because his hair was a bit we and he didn't wear make-up on his face. The fan said he looked like a baby lion. Keke.
- Jjong said Dubu and Taemin kept telling him they were just giving ther hearts instead of gifts. Kekeke.
- A fan shook Dubu's hand after getting some present and said his hand was so soft and moist like dubu/jelly baby. ^3^
- An onsooni said he looked like a cat grooming because he kept dry-wash-ed his face with his fist clenched. Too cute T.T
- After the party Key said SHINee got complained from a manager staying next to their waiting room because of Dubu practicing opera for the cncert. His voice was too powerful
- When Key talked about this story, he called Dubu 'yong-gham' (old man in Korean). Kekeke (Dubu once said he didn't want to be called like that, but Key keeps calling him that!)
- Near the end of the party, when SHINee members had a snow-spray time, Key just hid himself at the corner, Jjong and Minho wildly sprinkled it to each other.
- Jjong wanted to put cake icing on onto Dubu's face but Dubu stood up like a baby in a corner holding a lighter (looking like a gun) saying not to come close to him. He kept telling Jjong not to spray it to him because he said the earth is getting hot from Freon spray.He wa safraid that his face would get dirty. Keke.
(T/N: the earth's getting hot sounds really cute in Korean.)
- At the end of the party, Dubu said he loved Jjong in the middle of nowhere while SHHINee was having a closing talk. So sudden <3
- After the party, Minho left first then after awhile, Onew left. Onew rolled down the car window and waved to fans as the car pulled off.
- SHINee doesn't have any plans on going to Japan for their debut any sooner. ^^ That's good news because all of K-Shawols were afraid if SME was about to push them to Japan no matter what happened there.


- Someone saw Dubu and Jjong hanging out during midnight and Dubu got Jjong dinner (meat~keke). Not sure of the exact date but it was close to his bday (should be April 8th at dawn).

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DC + dub.dothome
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iamaprila + vivz @ soompi

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Fan Account 5

They talked about pre-debut or funny photos! Taemin said about his pic of frowning face:

He said it was too dazzling. and he never thought this photo become used so much like that by fans. and Key said Taemin was little bit strange that day. and Key said he can never forget Melon Key picture. When Key saw the photo of Onew eating a cell phone, he said “영감(Young-gam : means an old man or grandpa, actually its used when an old lady call her husband, or when u refer to an old man in folk tales..kinda rude when u call ur grandpa like this..) eats a phone!!!” in a cute way. Key called Onew 영감 whole day.(i guess key has called him like that long before, for a very long time)

they talked that before Minho’s OMG solo stage, he kept a push-up a lot. when minho was doing that, Key was talking with Krystal like ‘omo you looks so pretty today’ and he said its very very busy in the backstage, and Onew added he was only free in the vortex of busy work.

fans questioned what Jonghyun will do after 13 years , Key jokingly said ‘restaurant business?’ so jonghyun added ‘its only available to enter when u wear a skinny jeans’ and he would have a dinner show regularly. eventually they concluded Jonghyun will be a composer or a vocal trainer.

there were 2 boys among the 100 fans. and Jonghyun spoke to one of them twice.

Jonghyun said he gave Key an expensive sunglasses, but Key gave him sth(?idk). and Key said he gave Jonghyun sth, and Jonghyun gave him the sunglasses, and this time Key gave him sth and now its Jonghyun’s turn! Minho complained he bought Key a cardigan cost W400,000, but Key gave him a USB cost only 10000won. and it was even ‘yellow’, never matching with Minho. and Key refuted it was 23?0,000 won.

Jonghyun boasted of his new haircut , and Minho said ‘oh its pretty’ so Jonghyun told ‘Minho’s saying like that to me just because he wanted to hint at his new permed hair.’

Jonghyun said (i guess it was about the presents from shinee members) Taemin and Onew always present only their heart to him.

they said they don’t know about encore concert and their come back. and they said there’s not Japanese debut in the near future

they selected five fans and gave them an autograph on their balloons. Jonghyun is called ‘종만JongMan[mɑ́n]’ in DC Inside SHINee gallery(one of the shinee fansites) and Minho write “happy birthday Jongman” on a balloon.

and at the very first when Jonghyun appeared he said “Hi~ I’m jonghyun. Thanks for coming to my birthday party~ but acually i’m Jongman~” in a very very cute way(when Jonghyun didnt know why he is called Jongman before, and he once wrote in a mobile photoshoot ‘hello, i’m Jongman, Jonghyun’s brother~’ he thought Jongman is his imaginary brother or twin or sth…)

They gave Hello Sign CD by lottery and it seemed that fans didnt like it. so Jonghyun said its because they already have them piled up in their room. and Onew added “it(hello sign CDs) is like ‘letsbe(Korean can coffee)’” he was confused with Santafe lol. and JH said its okay cos the advertisement contract with Santafe is already expired.

and Jonghyun suddenly asked fans to write about this: SHINee’s hair stylist have a wedding march tomorrow and celebrate it together. in their .. what is that i’m writing now called?

when they played with sprays(kinda snow sprays but paper? or sth was sprayed from them…) and Key said “i dont like this” he didnt want to be sprayed then Jonghyun sprayed it toward Key, and key ran away with screaming and he stood in the corner. Onew turned a light and talked them don’t spray toward him. and he also said stop it cos the earth is getting warming cos of freon gas.

Jonghyun said he planned Ready or Not dance(remember? keeping turning and turning) and Key said he made Stand by me choreography at the part of “Woa-u-u~ stand by me~” and all they started ‘woa-u-u” dance(if u dont remember go watch concert videos ><)

when it finished, someone asked from the audience”what time is it now?” and Key said himself “Sek-Si(Sexy. it’s kinda Korean joke. When u “ask what time is it now?” and the original answer is “1-시Si(the number of the time - o’clock) do u understand?? ㅠㅠhard to explain.)” than he disappeared into the backstage.

and jonghyun said when he see his body in front of the mirror, it feels so good.

SHINee Band Part in Jonghyun’s imaginary :

Taemin : Keyboard(Taemin himself wanted it.) Minho : guitar or bass guitar, bass guitar player should be calm and quiet(Minho? asked why he was a bass player in ur school band and Jonghyun answered he wanted to be a singer but vocal part had been already taken. then Minho and Taemin laughed a lot.) and guitar part should be taken by a leader-like person. Minho has both tendency but i don’ t want him to be my leader. so bass for him. Key : singer (cos he likes to brighten up the mood at the front) Onew : Onew said he want a tambourine part. so Jonghyun gave him a percussion part or drums. Jonghyun : I’m not that well-matched with guitar but guitar part is only left so i take it.(then Key said ‘yeah, you should be a shaved head’)

there was a 12-year-old girl in the audience. Jonghyun asked her “Baby~ who’s your bias(lol its absolutely tumblr thing, but it’s more easy to translate….)” She said “Taemin oppa…” Key added ‘why you asking about bias, ur fan my fan it’s childish, by the way, where is my fan?’

Jonghyun asked a girl “you are Minho fan, right?” but she was so surprised that she answered ‘no’ waving her hands. Jonghyun said to Minho she looked so serious and his popularity is just like this level. than Minho came out and bowed to her. she was dying to sorry.

They imitated Lee Suman, and Taemin imitated Minho and Onew’s Mc-ing(?) he winked and nodded his head like minho


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