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When Super Junior is Your Boyfriend


1. When you are late for a date
Leeteuk – Waits for you, checking the time, and calls you after 15min
Heechul – Waits for you for 10min, then leaves(jahaatttt...T_T)
Hangeng – Patiently waits for you, and calls you after 25min
Yesung – Waits for 45min for you then calls you
Kangin – Waits for a little while, then call to tell you to hurry up(iye...sabar bang...)
Eunhyuk – Checks the time every 5 secs, then after 5min, can’t bear it any longer and calls you.( i like it oppa)

2. When you’re in pain because you’ve gone out for a date wearing high heels
Leeteuk – Is concerned and offers to piggy-back you even though he has back pains(mau!!mau!!puggy back sama Teuk oppa, mau!!!)
Heechul – Scolds you but acts aegyo to take your mind off the pain
Hangeng – Sits you down at the nearest bench and gives you a foot massage(huhuhu...asik dipijitin!!!)
Yesung – Asks if you’re okay, and then takes you to a bench to rest a while
Kangin – Tells you to get on his back – he’ll carry you – but nags at you the whole time
Eunhyuk – Asks if you want a rest (gendongin...)

3. When you visit him at a show recording and brings food with you
Leeteuk – Is touched, and eats it as soon as he can, then introduces the crew to you
Heechul – Tells you off for wasting your time, but eats all of the food himself, not sharing with the members, because you made it
Hangeng – Thanks you and hugs you, before eating it in front of you and complimenting your cooking skills(maaf oppa kalau makanan buatanku gag enak, tapi makasih atas pelukannya)
Yesung – Blushes and accepts, and saves it carefully for later(gag bilang makasih??)
Kangin – Complains that it’s not his favourite, but then eats all of it cleanly(cerewet amat sih...udah sukur aku masakin*tendang Kangin oppa*)
Eunhyuk – Is really touched, but doesn’t know how to react so just smiles like a dork at you. (senyum oppa udah jadi hadiah kok)

4. When you ask them to entertain you because you’re bored
Leeteuk – Acts out gags and makes lame jokes to make you laugh(hahaha...saya tertawa oppa)
Heechul – Lets you play with Baengsin and Heebum(gag mau main sama kucing ah, main sama oppa aja...)
Hangeng – Offers to take you anywhere you want(bener nih???asik!!! anterin keliling dunia dong)
Yesung – Takes you to his room and lets you play with his turtle(gag mau!!! masa main sama kura-kura? mending main sama kucing Heechul oppa)
Kangin – Arm-wrestles with you, and tells you the latest celebrity goss("...")

5. When you start crying
Leeteuk – Comforts you and hugs you until you stop crying
Heechul – threatens an attack from Heebum if you keep it up and drops him into your lap
Hangeng – Is concerned and asks you what’s wrong
Yesung – Puts a comforting arm around you and pats your back
Kangin – Asks “who should I go beat up…” and comforts you
Eunhyuk – Dances for you(aku mau oppa dance ala monyet!)

6. When you’re stressed out and tired
Leeteuk – Hugs you, and stays by your side to do anything for you(makasih oppa...)
Heechul – Lets you cuddle into him and says “just this once….”
Hangeng – Cooks some of his Peking fried rice and feeds it to you(kalau gag nafsu makan gimana?)
Yesung – Sings a ballad to you and comforts you(oppa, harusnya nyanyi yang ceria dong, masa ballad sih? makin stres dan mellow aku jadinya)
Kangin – Lets you lean on him and tells you a funny story to cheer you up(cerita apa oppa? bongkarin aib semua member suju aja)
Eunhyuk – Silently wraps you in a hug and says “it’s okay, it’s okay.." (opanya yang baik? Hibur kek, beliin ice cream, pizza, catton candy, burger, dll. Tapi udah senang kk kalau dipeluk.)

7. When thugs gang up on you
Leeteuk – Steps in front of you to protect you, and gets beaten up instead
Heechul – Verbally abuses them and gives them an evil stare until they get scared and run away
Hangeng – Gets into martial art pose and takes them all down
Yesung – Scares them away with his weird aura
Kangin – Cracks his knuckles and handles them all…..
Eunhyuk – Pushes you out of the way, tells you to call police, and keeps the thugs attention focused on him, so you can be safe

8. When you ask him what you should wear….
Leeteuk – “White, of course” (oppa, warna favorid kita sama!)
Heechul – “hmmm…curl your hair, wear your white t-shirt with the blue butterfly, skinny blue jeans, and high heels” (rinci amat sih)
Hangeng – “Whatever you wear, you’ll look beautiful” (gomawo oppa...enak banget punya cowok kayak gini)
Yesung – “…” (kelamaan mikirnya...)
Kangin – “Why are you asking ME this?” (gag sensitiv banget sih? kan cewek juga pengen minta pendapat)
Eunhyuk – “A dress” (i like dress, tapi lebih suka pake jeans)

9. When you play a prank on him
Leeteuk – Is embarrassed that you managed to play a prank on him and smiles a dimple smile
Heechul – Says “What is this??!!!!”
Hangeng – Pretends to get angry, then wraps you in a hug when you’re hurt that he yelled at you
Yesung – Immediately goes back to his “no expression” face
Kangin – Pretends to land a punch on you, then tickles you for revenge until you beg for mercy
Eunhyuk – “What?….” and tries to come to terms with the fact you managed to prank him

10. When Super Junior comes over to pick you up after school
Leeteuk – Smiles, opens his arms wide for a hug and says “did you miss oppa?”(yeah...i miss u oppa)
Heechul – Acts coolly, walks up to you and says “Sup”(mwo??)
Hangeng – Waves at you and asks how school was today(gag nanyai perasan aku oppa???aku kangen... di sekolah mikirin oppa mulu, hahahah)
Yesung – No immediate reaction, but kisses you on the cheek when no one’s looking(ya...langsung nyosor aja, malu tauk...hahaha)
Kangin – Says “you missed me, right?” and hugs you(gag kangen tuh, kecuali beliin ice cream dulu)
Eunhyuk – Gives a cute smile, hugs you, then walks holding your hand tightly( sweet, senyum oppa udah beri aku semangat baru setelah digebukin sama pelajaran di sekolah)

11. When you call them in the middle of the night and wake them up because you can’t sleep
Leeteuk – Is groggy at first, but then brightens when he hears your voice, and insists he’s not sleeping, and talks with you for a long time(okeh, temanin ngobrol yak)
Heechul – Asks “ya, why are you calling me in the middle of the night?” and complains he’s losing his beauty sleep, but stays on the phone with you for 30min before complaining his phone bill’s going to be too high and hangs up. (huaaaa...jahat..T_T, aku dimarahin.Hik...)
Hangeng – Talks with you on the phone until you feel sleepy and go to bed before hanging up(gag mau telponan, mau videocall aja, biar liat wajah oppa)
Yesung – Says nothing much, but listens intently to you ranting on and on("oppa, marhemal,jebal...")
Kangin – Nags you about waking him up, even though he’s talking more that you are, until you become tired of it and fall asleep("hoam...")
Eunhyuk – Is half-asleep, but talks with you and sings you a lullaby so you can sleep(hohoho...cepat tidur dan mimpi indah deh jadinya)

12. When you’ve had a huge fight with them and is feeling hurt
Leeteuk – Comes up behind you, hugs you, and says “sorry….it was all my fault” (asik dipeluk!!!tapi bukan salah oppa kok, jgan menyalahkan diri oppa)
Heechul – Says nothing, but the next day, you find an anonymous note in your bag with the words “sorry” and a cat begging for forgiveness drawn on it(minta maafnya telat noh,udah kadaluarsa)
Hangeng – Sits beside you and apologises sincerely, saying “will you forgive oppa this time?”(iya,aku maafin oppa...*hug*)
Yesung – Leaves you a voice message with him singing “It Has To Be You”(huhu...gomawo,tapi lebih baik nyanyi live aja didepan aku,kan lebih sweet)
Kangin – Leans on you and says “don’t be like that, okay?”, but doesn’t admit it’s his fault. (hibur kek T_T)
Eunhyuk – Dances Sorry Sorry to you to apologise (hahaha...mari oppa kita ngedance bersama)

Jadi kesimpulannya...kalau punya cowok kayak Heechul oppa itu seraaammmm....ampun deh punya pacar kayak Heechul oppa. Eunhyuk oppa lucu, benar-benar cowok idaman aku,hahaha...bisa ketawa terus tiap hari bareng dia. Teuki & Hangeng oppa? Sangat nyaman dan menyenangkan punya pacar kayak mereka. Yesung? em...susah ngejelasinnya, rada aneh tapi ok lah... Kangin? Kayaknya kurang romantis.
Nae sarang Eunhyuk oppa!!!!!!

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