Tuesday, January 18, 2011

20th High1 Seoul Music Awards Current Voting Results!

The ‘20th High1 Seoul Music Awards‘ is drawing nearer and popular voting among fans through mobile phones and ARS is heating up.

The award ceremony will be taking place at Kyunghee University in Hoegi-dong, Seoul on January 20th. Based on the voting results updated on January 18th at 12.20pm KST, BEAST and Super Junior are leading the‘Bonsang Category’ with 30.5% and 20.6% respectively. SNSD came in 3rd with 10.9%.

In the ‘Popularity Award Category’SHINee obtained 31% from the fan-voting exercise to take a slight lead over Super Junior who came in 2nd with 28,8%. SNSD are following closely with 27.4%.
’20th High1 Seoul Music Awards’ will be broadcast LIVE on Cable TV channel, y★star and Comedy TV from 7pm KST to 10pm KST on January 20th.
Credit: nate.com/seoulmusicawards.com
Source: fanwonder

Chukae SHINee ... :)

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